Sunday, January 13, 2013

What the Heck is "Commuty"?

Micah and I entering Oregon from Virginia Beach
Yes, that is a fair question. What is "Commuty"?

I will start with my background first. I've grown up around bicycles mostly seeing them in action from my grandparents. They always supplied me with an appropriate sized bike and made sure I knew a little bit about maintenance. As I grew up and got a car I drifted away from using bikes as a mode of transportation. This lasted unfortunately long until I was around 20 when my boyfriend (now husband) was getting into road cycling. I soon followed and gained a new appreciation for the two wheeled contraption that moved me so much faster than walking, but still let me enjoy the air and sunshine with a little bit of exercise. Last year when I was 24 we decided to go on a cross country bike trip. We had a blast, got to know so many people and thoroughly got used to our bikes and riding. We have decided to be much more proactive about commuting and using our bikes as our main mode of transportation. Since we live in Indiana, sometimes we chicken out when it's winter.

While training for this crazy adventure, I started to think about how much I dislike athletic clothing when I'm not specifically working out. If I stop to grab a bight to eat while biking around I really don't like sitting in the restaurant with bike shorts and a jersey. I like to look fashionable. I started asking other women who bike a lot how they felt about commuting, etc. They said they like to look fashionable too. I asked all of the girls on my Bike trip (15+) if they would like to have some clothing that would work for everyday life but would be comfortable to ride in. They said YES YES YES (some were very excited about this). Thus, Commuty was born. A mash up of all things Cute, Commute, Community.

Commuty (Ka-Mute-ee)

Would you like clothes that were comfortable and easy to ride in that you could easily wear into the office or out on a date without feeling like you had to change just because you got a little exercise by riding your bike there? I do!

Not Me
I SWEAT! I'm sorry if that's too much of a bold statement for here. (Prepare for more in future posts)
Basics: Cardigan, Shirt, Jeans, Flats

I need technical moisture wicking fabrics so that when I get to my destination I'm not sweat stained and needing to change. (Warning: be ready for a ranting post about how we need to get back to a healthy outlook on life where people sweat and it's ok, no, it's GREAT!) I really prefer not to have to bring an extra shirt if not bra or even pants along because of this. Yes, there are tricks in helping this problem, from riding slower to correct bike for the occasion (future blog), but in general I WANT something different.

What I usually come up with to wear is a pair of jeans (that I hope I don't wear out the crotch and thigh area) and a jersey or other basic moisture wicking top, maybe a cardigan too.  I either wear flats or clip in shoes.

Mission: Commuty is a clothing line to encourage women cyclist to commute to all their daily activities by having clothing that unites their  love for biking and fashion. By combining great designs with functional fabric Commuty will keep a great price point for women of all walks of life.

What do you think?
What kind of clothing do you like to wear when you bike?
What kind of clothes do you like to wear to work or public events?

Hope you are excited as I am about this!
Cute, Commute, Community!

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